Meet STAY PET HOTEL Owners Anne Graves and Michael Lauria

Veterans in the Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare

No newcomers to dog care, Anne and Mike have owned and operated 3 DOGS BOARDING AND DAYCARE since 2008. 3 DOGS BOARDING AND DAYCARE is a kennel-free boarding facility, located just a few minutes away from STAY in NE Portland. 3 DOGS has enjoyed tremendous success and popularity among the Portland dog owning community over the years, and knowing that STAY has experienced similar success, Anne and Mike are excited to combine the best aspects of both businesses.

Anne and Mike Know Dogs – Their Health, Socialization and Safety Needs

Anne Graves has been working with animals for nearly 15 years now in various capacities. She began her career as a technician at a Portland veterinary clinic, before taking a position as a summer intern at the Oregon Zoo. She enjoyed her experience there so much that she decided to travel to South Africa to do volunteer wildlife research. Anne spent several weeks in the Karongwe and Venetia game reserves, working with a volunteer organization involved in the care and tracking of lions, elephants, cheetahs, and hyenas.

For the past 8 years, Anne has been the face of 3 DOGS BOARDING AND DAYCARE. She considers our customers and their pets to be a part of our family, and it shows in the relationships she’s built with the 3 DOGS clientele.

Mike Lauria has been training dogs professionally and managing traditional and cage-free kennels for over 20 years. His career working with dogs began in 1995 at the Paragon Dog Training Academy in Northboro, Massachusetts, where he took part in obedience and personal protection dog training.

Mike then moved on to Pet Companions Inc. in Boston, MA; one of the nation’s very first dog daycare facilities, where he worked as a manager, as well as instructing obedience classes.  While in Boston, Mike also worked with the North East All Retriever Rescue organization, evaluating shelter dogs for their adoption program.

In 2001 Mike moved to Santa Rosa California and took a job as manager of Countryside Kennel and Rescue. There he continued his animal rescue work, as well as dog training, focusing primarily on dogs with aggression issues. In 2005, Countryside’s rescue program was responsible for sheltering, rehabilitating and re-homing a large number of dogs left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

In September 2008 Anne and Mike opened 3 DOGS BOARDING and DAYCARE, and it quickly grew into one of the leading boarding and daycare businesses in Portland.  They took ownership of STAY PET HOTEL from founder Kim Hornsby in May, 2016, and they’re thrilled to bring their combined experience, and passion for the business and the care of your pets to STAY.

What’s Different About Stay Pet Hotel? Personalized Attention!

At Stay we recognize the importance of having a safe, clean, fun and loving home away from home. We also realize they you are entrusting Stay with a beloved member of your family. We ensure that every guest’s needs are met by having a caring and attentive staff on-site 24 hours a day.

Stay Pet Pricing Is All-Inclusive

Stay offers all-inclusive pricing, which means no additional charges for attention or exercise.

Stay does not charge extra for exercise, medications, or special diets as we believe it is part of what every dog needs daily. Each guest receives a comfortable suite, lots of exercise, individualized meals, potty breaks and personal attention. Our thoughtful staff is quick to pick up on personality traits, quirky habits, and individual preferences. Whether they have a favorite toy or game, need hand-feeding, or are picky about getting those pills in, we give every guest exactly what they need…at one price!

Dogs Boarding with Stay Pet Enjoy Fresh Air and Outside Play Yards

We believe it is important that our guests are able to experience the outside and fresh air during their Stay. The facility is seated on over a half acre property right here in Portland. We have multiple play yards which we use all day for the entertainment of our guests. All of the Stay guests get plenty of time to run around outside and breath in the fresh air. We have an 8000 square foot outdoor yard for playgroups featuring 4000 square feet of artificial turf. This leaves plenty of room for them to move around and play without bumping into each other. In addition they are able to potty where they have been trained to, outside! We also have a large yard for individual playtimes as well as a 1,500 square foot rubber matted indoor space for inclement weather. Exercise is a priority at Stay and all the dogs enjoy having enough space that they can get out and run!

Your Dog Sleeps in a Homey, Custom-Designed Suite

Stay’s suites have been custom designed to maximize the comfort of our guests. No chainlink to be found here. The suites are solid walls with glass fronts so that each guest feels safe and secure in their own space. Family dogs are always welcome to stay together.