It’s hard to imagine how anybody could do better than Waggin’ Wagon. In the many years of our association, they have never missed a day, always responded positively to unexpected events, and have met every extra demand we have asked of them. I’m sure Bubbles, our Great Pyrenees, considers them her second family.
– Carter, dad of Bubbles

Brody absolutely enjoys her outings with Waggin’ Wagon. If I can’t be with my dog all day, everyday, I am glad that Brody can go with them twice a week and have fun. They are wonderful and I completely trust my four-legged “child” with them. They provide a very well-appreciated service and I can’t imagine Brody NOT going on her Waggin’ Wagon outings.
– Lisa, mom of Brody

Waggin’ Wagon provides a wonderful service for our precious Darby. For several years they “surprise” her for a cherished outing with her other doggy buddies while we are at work. She loves it, we know, as it is evident by her happy howls she gives whenever she sees them.
– Nancy, mom of Darby

Waggin’ Wagon has been providing daycare for our dogs for several years. Kim, James and their staff are wonderful!!! We couldn’t imagine life without them. They provide a wonderful social outlet for our dogs. We’re convinced that Tucker (our elderly German Shepard) wouldn’t still be with us without their love.
– Melinda & Kit, moms of Bella & Tucker

We love our dog Angus and hated to leave him – until we found Kim and James. The Waggin’ Wagon playgroups keep him socialized, happy and SAFE! We highly recommend Kim, James & Waggin’ Wagon!
-Theresa and David, mom & dad of Angus

Kim and James are so wonderful with my golden, Sofia. They have fostered a great relationship with her and with all of the dogs. Sofia gets SO excited to go out each week.
-Cherie, mom of Sofia

This is the best service a person could use who works long hours and loves their animal. Most places aren’t open when I leave for work and are already closed when I get off work. Now I don’t have to feel like a neglectful mom, my dog gets to go out and socialize while I’m busy at work. He is so much happier! You guys are awesome! Kohl loves you and so do I for being so great to him!
– Darcie, mom of Kohl

I love Waggin’ Wagon because they are consistent, reliable and I know my dog is in good hands. My dog loves Waggin’ Wagon because they are fun and add some excitement to her day. I also love reading the notes Waggin’ Wagon leaves about their walks.
– Valerie, mom of Zuli